Changes to Zoom on 5th April 2020


Meeting Passwords Enabled “On”

Going forward, your previously scheduled meetings (including those scheduled via your Personal Meeting ID) will have passwords enabled. If your attendees are joining via a meeting link, there will be no change to their joining experience. For attendees who join meetings by manually entering a Meeting ID, they will need to enter a password to access the meeting. For attendees joining manually, we highly recommend re-sharing the updated meeting invitation. Here’s how you can do that: Log in to your account using a browser (e.g. Google Chrome), visit your ‘Meetings’ tab, select your upcoming meeting by name, and copy the new meeting invitation to share with your attendees via email. For step-by-step instructions, please watch this 2-minute video. For meetings scheduled moving forward, the meeting password can be found in the invitation.

Virtual Waiting Room Turned on by Default

Going forward, the virtual waiting room feature will be automatically turned on by default. The Waiting Room is just like it sounds: It’s a virtual staging area that prevents people from joining a meeting until the host is ready.

How do I admit participants into my meeting? As the host, once you’ve joined, you are able to see the number of participants in your waiting room by clicking on the ‘Manage Participants’ button at the bottom centre of the screen. A panel will appear on the right hand side with a list of participants (likely increasing in number as they join the meeting), and you’ll have the option to admit participants individually by selecting the blue ‘Admit’ button beside each participant, or all at once with the ‘Admit All’ option on the top right-hand side of your screen. For step-by-step instructions, please watch this 2-minute video

Muting participants At the bottom of the participants panel (on the right hand side) you will also see the option to ‘Mute All’ or ‘Unmute All’ participants. This is a good idea if you are leading the meeting and want the other participants to be able to hear you clearly (e.g. as a Pilates Instructor, or Vicar or Priest leading a service).