Tips on using Zoom on your computer

Installing Zoom on your computer

  1. Open your browser, and go to the Zoom download centre
  2. Click on ‘Download’ under ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’.
  3. Zoom will start downloading and usually appears at the bottom left of your browser. Double click on the Zoom download to install. If you would like a demo, click here.

Signing up with Zoom

  1. Open your browser, and go to Zoom
  2. Click on ‘Sign up, it’s free’ at the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Enter your email address, click on ‘Sign up’ and then ‘Confirm’.
  4. Go to your email inbox, and click on the ‘Activate Account’ button in the email that you have received from Zoom. Check your junk box if you can’t find it.
  5. In the window that opens, you will be asked to enter your First Name, Last Name and a password of your choice (twice), before clicking on ‘Continue’.
  6. You will then be asked whether you’d like to invite your colleagues – I would like on the ‘Skip this step’ button.

Joining a meeting with Zoom

  1. Open your Zoom application. Do do this on a Macbook, click on the little magnifying glass icon (top right), type ‘Zoom’ into the search box, and then click on ‘’ as it appears. On Windows computer, click on the start button (bottom left) and then scroll through your applications until you find Zoom (or search for it in the search bar). If you right click on the icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to pin the icon to the taskbar (Windows), or on the Mac hover over ‘Options’ and then click on ‘Keep in Dock’.
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ and enter your username and password.
  3. Click on ‘Join’ and enter the Meeting ID – this will have been provided to you by the meeting organiser.
  4. To turn on your video, click on the ‘Start video’ button with a red strike through it.
  5. When the meeting is finished, click on the red ‘End Meeting’ (bottom right).

Alternatively, you can click in the link in the email that is sent you inviting you to join a Zoom meeting. You will need to click on the ‘Allow’ button when it asks you whether you want to allow the page to open “”.

Scheduling a meeting with Zoom and inviting participants

  1. Open your Zoom application (see point 1. above).
  2. If you aren’t already signed in, click on ‘Sign in’ and enter your username and password.
  3. Click on ‘Schedule’ and fill out the details of the meeting. You might like to choose a new ‘Topic’ for the meeting, change the date and time, and also turn on the video for both the host and the participants under ‘Video’. Click on ‘Schedule’.
  4. In your Zoom application, you will see ‘Meetings’ listed at the top centre of the screen – click here to view all the meetings that you have scheduled.
  5. Click on the meeting that you’d like to invite people to join, and click on ‘Copy Invitation’.
  6. Go to your email program and start a new message as normal, and paste the details of the meeting into the main body of the message (Command + V on the Mac, or Ctrl + V on a Windows computer). Send your email as normal to all those that you’d like to invite to join the meeting.
  7. To start the meeting at the scheduled time, open the Zoom application and again click on ‘Meetings’ at the top of the window. Choose the appropriate meeting from your list of meetings, and then click on ‘Start’ to begin the meeting.
  8. Click on ‘Join with computer audio’ when prompted.
  9. To turn on your video, click on the ‘Start video’ button with a red strike through it (bottom left).
  10. Click on ‘Manage participants’ at the bottom centre of the window. As they join, you will see your participants listed in a panel on the right hand side of the window. You will need to ‘Admit’ each participant, and decide whether you would like to ‘Mute all’ so that they can hear you clearly!
  11. When you are ready to end the meeting, click on the ‘End Meeting’ button (bottom right).

Joining a meeting with audio and video

When you join a meeting, click on the blue ‘Join with computer audio’ button. To turn your video on, click on the ‘Start Video’ icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the window. If you would like to mute yourself at any point, click on the ‘Mute’ button (to the left of the ‘Start Video’ button). Similarly, to unmute yourself, click on the ‘Unmute’ button.

Pinning a participant’s video to your screen

If your Zoom meeting has several participants, you might want to ‘pin’ the video of one particular zoom participant to your screen so that you don’t get a slide show of all the participants videos! To do this, find the participant’s video that you’d like to pin (look to the top of the screen), and hover over it so that a little blue icon with three dots appears. Click on this icon and then click on ‘Pin Video’.